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Alice in borderland: Netflix’s trending

The Borderlands is a unique fantasy world, serving as a bridge between life and death.

In the heart of Tokyo, Arisu and his friends find themselves in a mysterious game where choices mean life or death.

Trapped, they navigate deadly challenges, forming alliances and facing the unknown. Follow their gripping journey in ‘Alice in Borderland,’ where survival isn’t just a game.

Alice in the borderline

Explore this intriguing concept in Borderland.

Alice in Borderland: The Beginning

In Episode 1 of Alice In Borderland, we meet Ryohei Arisu, a guy more interested in video games than work, much to his brother’s annoyance.

Their talk about resetting reality hits close to home. Arisu hangs out with his quirky friends, Chota and Karube, who just got fired for a barmaid escapade. T

hey plan their next move amidst zombie and gaming chatter, making them a bunch of outcasts.

Karube’s words resonate, reminding Arisu of life’s complexities as they observe the bustling crowd outside.

They were just goofing around, talking about zombies as if they were characters in a manga. Karube teased Arisu about his survival skills, a mystery left hanging.

Amidst their laughter and banter, they accidentally caused a car accident, catching the attention of the police.

Panicked, they hid in a train bathroom when the lights suddenly went out. When they finally stepped out of the station, the lively streets of Shibuya had turned eerily silent.

The deserted cityscape was strangely captivating, captured beautifully by the camera, showcasing abandoned streets and forgotten meals.

Arisu felt a mix of excitement and fear until a giant screen flickered to life, announcing the commencement of a game.

Guided by arrows, they entered a building and found a table filled with smartphones. Soon, they were joined by a woman and a high school girl, and the ‘Dead or Alive’ game began.

The rules were simple: exit the building within the time limit. The catch? Two doors, one leading to life and the other to death.

Shibuki Saori, the woman, advised choosing the ‘live’ door, However, this turns out to be the deadly choice, leading to the immediate demise of the high-school girl.

The survivors, passing through the “Die” door, confront Shibuki, demanding an explanation for her mistake.

In rapid succession, they face identical rooms, fueling heated arguments among them.

Amidst the chaos, a punch to Arisu’s face triggers a memory about the car outside, and he cracks the riddle using some quick math.

In a race against time and a relentless fire, they narrowly manage to escape, reaching the alleyway.

Alice in the borderline

Their phone app chimes with congratulations, but the victory is marred by Chota’s severely burned leg, a stark reminder of the dangers they face.

After all its just the beginning! Despite our

worries, the first episode is very promising. The trailers hint at more, and I’m eager to dive into episode 2 to see what unfolds!

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Meet Alice in borderland season 1 Cast

So after all thrilling web shows like money heist and Strangers things we are here with Alice in borderland, ready for your reach.

Meet Kento Yamazaki our Ryohei Arisu

Alice in the borderline

Arisu is just a regular guy lost in life. His family ties are strained, he’s jobless, and video games are his escape. He’s not alone; his buddies Chota and Karube join him in this deadly game.

Kento Yamazaki is a talented Japanese actor and model who has made a mark in various films and TV shows.

You might recognize him from movies like L DK and Orange, and TV series like Death Note and Kiss That Kills.

He’s also part of the Netflix hit Alice in Borderland. He’s managed by Stardust Promotion, a renowned talent agency in Japan!

Tao Tsuchiya Glamour of Alice in Borderland

Alice in the borderline

She played Yuzuha Usagi, Usagi chose a path similar to her late father’s and became a mountain climber.

Her expertise in this field not only gave her physical strength but also mental resilience.

Little did she know, these skills would prove invaluable when she gets pulled into the intense and dangerous games.

Offscreen Tao Tsuchiya is a versatile Japanese talent, not only excelling in acting but also in modeling, dancing, songwriting, and singing.

You might recognize her as Makimachi Misao in the Rurouni Kenshin movie series, Mai Nakahara in The 8-Year Engagement, Koharu in The Cinderella Addiction, and most recently as Yuzuha Usagi in our favorite Netflix’s thrilling series, Alice in Borderland.

Yuki Morinaga our Chota Segawa 

Alice in the borderline

Yuki Morinaga takes on the role of Chota, a close friend of Arisu and Karube in Alice in Borderland. Chota, much like his friends, navigates life without a clear direction.

His happiness primarily stems from their shared moments. However, their bond is severely tested as they find themselves thrust into perilous life-or-death challenges.

Keita Machida our Daikichi Karube

Alice in the borderline

In the series Keita Machida plays Karube and before the games, Karube had a gig as a bartender.

Unfortunately, his job went down the drain when he got caught in a love affair with his boss’s lover.

He’s tough, knows how to handle himself in a fight, but these life-or-death challenges are a whole new ball game for him.

Ayame Misaki our Saori Shibuki

Alice in the borderline

Ayame Misaki is a talented Japanese actress and model. She first made her mark in the world of magazines and variety shows before the role of Saori Shibuki in Alice in Borderland.

However, you might recognize her best from her role in the 2015 live-action adaptation of Attack on Titan, a hugely popular manga and anime series.

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