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20 Facts About Republic Day!!

Republic Day is an important part of Indian culture because it marks the birth of a free country and the document that made it possible.

It’s a colorful tapestry with threads of unity woven through the diversity, showing off both cultural riches and military power.

It makes people feel patriotic and encourages them to work toward a fair and successful future. From the world stage to our own homes, Republic Day makes us think of the things we’ve given up, the duties we have, and the hopes we hold as a country.

Yesterday wasn’t just a day; it was a promise to stand up for the ideals of our republic and work toward a better tomorrow.

Republic Day

Do You Know This About Republic Day?

  1. Do You Know? On 26th January 1930, the Indian National Congress declared “Purna Swaraj” (complete independence), alongside the adoption of the Constitution.
  1. Do You Know? India’s Constitution is one of the biggest constitutions in the world, and it is calligraphed in both English and Hindi. It is preserved in helium-filled cases in Parliament.
  1. Do You Know? Republic Day isn’t limited to January 26th. They begin on January 24th with the Beating Retreat ceremony, conclude on January 29th with Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s birth anniversary, and encompass cultural events throughout.
  1. Do You Know? The first Republic Day parade in 1950 witnessed over 100 aircraft participate, showcasing India’s growing air power.
  1. Do You Know? The parade’s signature tune, “Abide with Me,” was chosen by Nehru for its poignant melody and association with Indian freedom fighters.
  1. Do You Know? The first chief guest at the parade in 1950 was the President of Indonesia, Sukarno, marking the beginning of a tradition of inviting distinguished foreign dignitaries.
  1. Do You Know? Each state and Union Territory presents a vibrant tableau depicting their culture, history, or achievements, adding a splash of color and diversity to the parade.
  1. Do You Know? On Republic Day, the President of India addresses the nation, highlighting achievements, outlining challenges, and inspiring optimism for the future.
  1. Do You Know? The Beating Retreat ceremony, marking the official end of festivities, features a mesmerizing display of military bands playing patriotic tunes and concluding with the lighting of torches, creating a breathtaking spectacle.
  1. Do You Know? Republic Day coincides with the conferment of prestigious awards like the Bharat Ratna, Padma Awards, and Ashok Chakra, honoring eminent citizens for their exceptional contributions.
  1. Do You Know? The parade showcases meticulously choreographed formations and drills by various regiments, demonstrating the Indian armed forces’ discipline and expertise.
  1. Do You Know? Camels, horses, and even elephants have participated in the parade throughout history, showcasing India’s diverse animal heritage and their role in various military segments.
  1. Do You Know? The parade features contingents from different armed forces, police forces, NCC cadets, and cultural troupes, symbolizing the unity and strength of the nation.
  1. Do You Know? While the main parade happens in Delhi, various cities across India hold mini-parades and cultural events, allowing everyone to participate in the spirit of the day.
  1. Do You Know? Many participants in the parade, especially NCC cadets, began their journey marching on school grounds, showcasing the significance of discipline and service from a young age.
  1. Do You Know? From tanks and rockets to drones and communication systems, the parade reflects India’s technological advancements and growing military capabilities.
  1. Do You Know? The parade proudly exhibits the significant role women play in the Indian armed forces, showcasing their courage, dedication, and leadership.
  1. Do You Know? Republic Day celebrations are broadcast live across India and internationally, offering a glimpse into the nation’s rich culture, vibrant democracy, and military prowess.
  1. Do You Know? The parade serves as a platform to inspire young minds, instilling a sense of patriotism, pride in national achievements, and a yearning to contribute to India’s progress.
  1. Do You Know? Beyond the grandeur, Republic Day offers a moment for reflection on the sacrifices made for freedom, the values enshrined in the Constitution, and the collective responsibility to uphold them.

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